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And Then: Deporter Sampler #2

DEPR022 - 2022

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When Doug and I started this company, we did so with the release of the first Johnny Cremains album and a sampler of the music we'd made up to that point.

10 years later, the world has been devastated by the COVID19 pandemic and our little record label from Maine has felt the effects. We've been slow to release anything over the past 2 years, but things are starting to happen again....

Johnny Cremains are preparing their most ambitious project yet, "Tragic At Best." The first volume will be released on April 1st (not a joke) and 2 more are scheduled through the year. It feels like a good time to reflect.

These tracks are only parts of a whole. I encourage you to give each full release a proper listen.

- Ed Porter
March 2022

Track List:
1. Johnny Cremains - Malagamaniac
2. Pigboat - White Wing
3. Amos Libby with Douglas Porter - Through The Storm
4. Clan Of Dyad - Rings
5. Apocryphonic - Spite House
6. Covered In Bees - Gonna Need Some Coffee
7. Johnny Cremains - Hollywoodland
8. Pigboat - Always Horny And Hungry For Steak
9. Apocryphonic - Small Bent Spoon
10. Sunrunner - Gaiascope (edit)
11. The Watchers - RI Slow
12. Doug Porter - The Waves