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Broken Clown - Houses Of The Homely


DEPR014 - 2016

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Broken Clown started recording their first full length album in 2001, but the band broke up in 2002 and never properly finished it. The members went on to be in bands like Pigboat, Lost On Liftoff, and Supersoul Challenger. The unfinished recordings were left to the ages.

Things changed in early 2016 when drummer Shane Kinney recovered the original master tapes. He contacted Jonathan Wyman, who oversaw the original sessions, and singer Mark Belanger, who took almost no time to do the rest of his parts. Now the completed version is finally available for all to hear. Play it loud!

Track List:
1. Bad Day
2. Happy Day
3. Midnight In The Garden Of Ghandi And Steiner
4. When Ed Gaines Comes Walking In
5. Frog In A Blender
6. Smells Like Ted Condo
7. Flour
8. Feelgood Hit Of The Summer
9. Don't Do This To Me, Timothy
10. Neo-Realist Formica Dirge