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Covered In Bees - Corpse In The Mattress Motor Lodge

DEPR012 - 2015

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One rock group. One concert tour. One dead girl. Thirty-five bucks. Join Covered In Bees as they discover the horror of a "concept album." In the story, the punk band is on tour and discover a dead girl in their hotel room. Hilarity ensues...

Track List:
Disc 1 - The Soundtrack:
1. Pterodactyl Sex Face Blues
2. Scared To Death Of The Living Dead
3. Corpse In The Mattress Motor Lodge
4. Necro Comic Con
5. A Brother's Beevenge
6. Five Hair Breakfast
7. Forget What You Heard (Death Is Not Awesome)
8. Gonna Need Some Coffee
9. The Pizza Man Cometh
10. Why'd You Kill Ed?
11. Blood (The Housekeepers Lament)
12. Fingerprints
13. Fuck The Moon
Disc 2 - The Radio-Play:
1. Corpse In The Mattress Motor Lodge