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Covered In Bees - Portland Steel


DEPR017 - 2018

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Covered In Bees finished a last album right before their break up in 2010.

It didn't last long. They got back together in 2012, but the album has long been out of print... until now! In 2018 we pressed new CDs.

Originally released in 2010 by The Entertainment Experiment. Re-release in 2018 by Deporter Records

Track List:

1. Tank Vs. Spaceship
2. Rock, Staple, Scissors
3. Fire In The Basement
4. God Damn The Queen
5. The Night That Portland Burned
6. The Girl With The Octopus Arms
7. The Black Grimace
8. Drive This Seven Inch Wooden Stake Through My Portland Heart (AKA "The Taco Song")
9. I Got A Rockin' Disease (And Rockin's The Cure)
10. Swampman 3