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Johnny Cremains - Tragic At Best


DEPR024 - 2022

Digital: Bandcamp - Spotify - YouTube

The third album from Johnny Cremains. Expertly recorded by Todd Hutchinsen at the legendary Arcadia Recording Company in Portland, Maine. Guest appearances by Renee Coolbrith, Dave Gutter, Sarah Mueller, Devon Coletta, Jamie Colpoys, Andrew Doody, and Jason Ward.

Track List:

1. Buried Alive
2. Hotel Cecil
3. Markovian Parallax Denigrate
4. Malagamaniac
5. Little Black Train
6. Bohemian Grove Rhapsody
7. Hurled Into Eternity
8. Park Bench Suicide
9. Wendy Never Cared Much For The Gold Room
10. Gas Hysteria
11. Sorry Devil
12. On The Books