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Ragged Isle - Season Two Soundtrack

DEPR003 - 2013

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"Ragged Isle" is an award-winning dramatic web series shot in the summers of 2010 and 2011. It was filmed on location in Maine, features an all-Maine cast/crew, and music in the series comes exclusively from Maine based musicians.

The second season features music from Artie Appleseed, Jacob Augustine, Cerberus Shoal, Richard de Costa, dilly dilly, Barry Dodd, Felsenmeer, Headphoneboy, Leerless Feeder, Mai Mai, Plains, Ricky Boy Floyd, Robber & Thief, Selbyville, Twisted Roots, vik44, and The Watchers. All the artists involved have donated their recordings and all profits raised by the sale of the soundtrack goes towards the continuation of the series.

Track List:
1. Artie Appleseed - The Peregrine
2. The Watchers - RI Slow
3. Plains - Waves
4. Richard deCosta - The Luminous Monolith Of Orylar
5. vik44 - Boots On The Ground
6. dilly dilly - Hollerin' Man
7. Ricky Boy Floyd and Richard deCosta - Eraser Howl
8. Felsenmeer - Fear of Falling Rocks
9. Cerberus Shoal - Unmarked Boxes
10. Headphoneboy - Maskmaking
11. Twisted Roots - Dog
12. Plains - Unlucky Friend
13. The Watchers - RI Bossa
14. Robber & Thief - everywhere
15. Jacob Augustine - God's Guns
16. Selbyville - Morning Drone
17. Richard deCosta - Vast Deep - Episode Version
18. Mai, Mai - Goodbye Song
19. Leerless Feeder with Richard deCosta & Barry Dodd - Riskus Delecticum: Vicki Monologue: Theme