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Johnny Cremains to release new album "Hollywoodland"

Posted by Ed Porter on

Johnny Cremains have scheduled the release of their second album "Hollywoodland." It will be available September 11th digitally and on CD. Here's the cover art and track listing:

1. Glass Necklace
2. The Howling Is For You
3. U.S.O.
4. Brick Rich Pimp Hand
5. Sahara Nightmara
6. Weeping Eyes Of Fire
7. Oswaltz (Dance Of The Patsy)
8. Hollywoodland

Listen to "Glass Necklace" right now:

The CD was recorded by Wally (Mallett Brothers Band/Pigboat) at his Wallyworld Studios in Portland. The band will be playing a CD release show on September 11th at Genos to celebrate. The show will include a performance by the long reclusive Confusatron!

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