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A Tale of Two Practice Spaces, The Horror

Posted by Ed Porter on

Although we didn't release any new music, 2023 definitely had highlights. Confusatron started regular practices again and played a number of shows, including opening for legendary Animals As Leaders back in July. Doug finished building a new rehearsal space and recording studio, dubbed Deep Vale, and the band has started practicing there. Check it out:

There were also lowlights, as the December storms in Portland caused significant damage to the space that Pigboat share with fellow rockers Murcielago:

Luckily, none of our equipment was damaged, but the lack of a space has put a halt on any practice or recording plans. Repairs are being made as I type, so hopefully we'll be back soon.
The new year is starting off on the right foot, as we helped The Horror distribute their music to an unsuspecting public. They were a band originating from Portland, Maine around in the late '90s, early '00 that were captivating, weird, fun, terrifying, and beautiful. They were led by the uncompromising and dashing frontman, Ricky Boy Floyd. The members of the band went on to be in bands like The Mallett Brothers Band, Johnny Cremains, and Whitcomb to name a few.
You can now find them on the major streaming platforms:
We've also put up some demos, live, and rare tracks on for those that want to dig deep.

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