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A Broken Clown Christmas Miracle!

Posted by Ed Porter on

It's been a pretty quiet year here at Deporter as far as new music goes, but now that the year is closing out we have a great release to put on the books and it comes courtesy of Broken Clown. A band no longer together, but who just finished their first full length album 15 years after it was started.

You see, they started recording it in 2001, but broke up in 2002 and never properly finished it. The members went on to be in bands like Pigboat, Lost On Liftoff, and Supersoul Challenger. The unfinished recordings were left to the ages.

Things changed in early 2016 when drummer Shane Kinney recovered the original master tapes. He contacted Jonathan Wyman, who oversaw the original sessions, and singer Mark Belanger, who took almost no time to do the rest of his parts. Now the completed version is finally available for all to hear.

CDs will be available later this week. To celebrate the release, we're also re-releasing the bands first EP "Buy Guns, Eat Meat, Wear Fur" and making it available digitally for the first time. Hallelujah!

You should be able to find the albums on your favorite digital music service. Play it loud!

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