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Hessian and Drivetrain CDs in stock

Posted by Ed Porter on

We're ending the year by expanding the catalog.

We're happy to announce that we have 2 of the best metal albums from Maine in 2018 now available, Hessian's Mercenary Retrograde and Drivetrain's Muscles Big

For those uninitiated:

Hessian are old school occult rock heroes that have been around since 2008 and this is their second album. It was put together by songwriter, guitarist, and singer Angus McFarland saying “The title of the album reflects the history of the band at the time of writing. Mercenary because the band consisted of hired guns, and Retrograde because we are always looking back to the Old Ones of heavy metal for inspiration.” Buy it here.

Drivetrain have been around since 2012 and this is their first full-length album following their debut EP in 2016. It recently landed at the #1 spot on Bull Moose's local album chart, which is kinda a big deal. Buy it here.

There's more to come, so stay tuned...

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