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Updates!!! New Specials and 2 digitial releases coming soon

Posted by Ed Porter on

We've got a bunch of updates in Deporterland, so let's get to it:

  • You can now get all the Sunrunner and Pigboat CDs you want for less cash. Check out the specials we have to get both Sunrunner albums and all 3 of Pigboat's CDs.
  • We're also running a great special where you can get 10 CDs from our back catalog for only $10. You can't beat that!
  • Next month's we'll have 2 new digital releases. One from The Watchers and the other from Apocryphonic. Like our Facebook page to stay informed.
  • Speaking of The Watchers, they've only played one show in the past year, but will be doing a 2nd one at Genos tomorrow with Johnny Cremains and other great bands. Go to it!
  • Covered In Bees are shooting a video next Tuesday. If you want to be in it, check out all the info here.
  • ... and finally. We have some leftover "Moth" tapes from Pigboat. We've been giving these away at the shows, but now if you want one you can just pay for shipping and we'll send it out to you. What a deal!

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