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Apocryphonic "Rivers & Great Darkness" Now Available

Posted by Ed Porter on

The second Apocryphonic EP is now available on our bandcamp, iTunes, and other digital outlets.

A little about this release: It was recorded by Jason LaFrance (of Confusatron fame) for his Pound Town Sound recording projects back in 2012. The band put it out themselves last year, but now you'll be able to get it everywhere. A physical release will, hopefully, be forthcoming.

Jason wrote a great article about the recording process on his blog, saying that "When it was all said and done, we had four guitar tracks and seven bass tracks all tracked with the same performance. Add that to the seven drum mics we walked away with 18 tracks from simultaneous live performances. And since the reamping was done in the same room as the drums, the space and tone from all of the tracks is consistent."

You can read the whole article here:

The band hasn't been active a lot lately and some of the guys are now involved in a new project, Resurgam. Give them a like to keep up to date. Up next for Deporter? You'll soon be able download first release by The Watchers. Check back soon.

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